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The Different Types of Reborn Babies

Berenguer, Paradise Galleries, and several more of the top reborn baby doll makers.

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Kish Dolls

Helen Kish is a pioneer when it comes to reborn baby dolls and has provided an affordable line of dolls for over 20 years.

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Reborn Baby Dolls

Reborn Baby Dolls is a hobby that has taken the United States and the entire world by storm. Originally created in the late 1980′s and early 1990′s, many people have fallen in love with the realistic reborn babies dolls that can be collected, displayed, and even traded and sold. Reborn Baby Dolls (also known as Reborn Babies) are dolls that resemble newborn babies that are usually made from various vinyl materials and plastic. These high quality dolls are so lifelike and realistic looking, that many people can not tell they are not real until a closer look! Collectors love displaying their reborn baby dolls in what is known as a “nursery” and often will have several different synthetic dolls displayed in baby carriages, baby cribs, or on shelves. Rebourners are individuals who create these dolls and usually have stores set up on Ebay where they can display and sell their creations.

Why Do People Purchase Reborn Baby Dolls?

Many people collect these dolls as a hobby. Most people have one hobby or another and collecting dolls is something many people enjoy in their younger years, it is something that can be continued for many years to come as well.

In addition, it is not uncommon for parents who have lost a child to recreate the image of their child in the style of the doll. This is part of the healing process for the individual and the doll can be a token of their lost child. The process is simple, you can send a rebourner as picture and he or she will create the doll in a very realistic manor to match the child’s features. As well, many people just enjoy collecting various reborn baby dolls.

How To Create Your Own Reborn Baby Dolls

In addition to collection reborn babies, many people find themselves getting into the process of making their own! There easiest way to get your hands dirty and to start making your own dolls is to purchase a reborn baby doll kit off of ebay. Once you get the kit, you can put the pieces together and paint your own color for the skin. This can be a difficult process however, as rebourning dolls takes much experience. However, creating your own doll can be a very rewarding experience. The feeling of making your very own doll to keep is a great feeling as making the dolls for others brings much joy into this world.

How To Make A Living Selling Reborn Baby Dolls

If you thoroughly enjoy building and painting your own dolls, many people run a successful reborn babies business and sell them through a store on ebay. Reborn babies sell for anywhere from $75 to $1000 and their is a large market for these dolls. Many artists create a small line of unique reborn baby dolls models that can be very hard to find. The universal place to purchase reborn babies is through By doing a ebay search one can find reborners shops already set up on ebay with reviews and previews of the baby dolls.

Painting And Assembling The Dolls Tips

Painting the reborn babies is a very important part of the reborning process. In addition, the babies hair and eyelashes usually take a long time to complete. Because these processes is very important, every detail such can take a very long time.

Reborn Baby Dolls
Reborn Baby Dolls

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Please feel free to browse around and see what other rebourners have created and see the beautiful reborn baby dolls they have created. There are hundreds of different reborn baby dolls and many more unique models are being created every single day.